New Soaps and Huge Sale!



Christmas started really early this year. I cringed when I realized one day I was singing a Christmas song I had just heard on a Target commercial, the day after Halloween!! I refuse to decorate or do anything before my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. But after you’ve gorged and napped and eaten cold leftovers out of the fridge with your hands, the reality of the holiday season sets in. Time to shop for everyone! Well I just made your shopping a little easier. Not only does soap make a great gift, but I am going to have an amazing deal on my Etsy store for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday! This year I totally dropped the ball on doing a Christmas Fair and thus have tons of soap all dressed up and nowhere to go. I am going to give you 20% off my entire store for the weekend, starting Friday and ending Monday night. That is crazy! That is only $4.80 per bar of soap, or $12.80 for 3 bars of your choosing. Not to mention my cleaners, lip balm, bath salts, room sprays, you name it, it’s on sale! Use the coupon code 2014SALE at checkout and shop your heart out. Just click here to check out my store.

clay soap

Now, on to my new soaps! Sometimes I forget how much I love playing around with new soap recipes. It’s tough you see, if I mess up a batch or it comes out weird then it’s a whole lot of time, effort and bars of soap that I can’t sell. I have only really messed up one or two batches of soap in roughly 2 years of soap-making, and I have forced Josh and I to use the crappy bars. Like the time I bought Eucalyptus essential oil that smelled like citronella. Why I thought the smell would improve when I dumped it with Lavender oil into a vat of oils for soap making is beyond me. It smelled like bug spray. But we used it anyway because I refuse to waste perfectly good soap that just smells kinda funny. This time around, instead of mixing essential oils and coming up with a potentially stinky soap failure I decided to develop some unscented soaps.

The first was a sea clay face soap that is great for oily, acne prone skin. It has a wonderful lather, unlike any of my other soaps, and it might be my new favorite. It’s incredibly soft, fluffy bubbles are super moisturizing. I thought the clay would leave my skin feeling tight and dry, but it seems to just absorb any excess oil and moisturize the rest of your skin.

The next bar I made is a gentle, coconut milk soap that I was inspired to make for my friends who have babies. One of my friends just had a little girl and the other is pregnant with twins. I know people love to use goat’s milk soap for their babies, but being vegan and all I used rich, creamy, coconut milk. Combined with shea butter, olive and coconut oils this is a very moisturizing, gentle soap. And if you’re wondering, it doesn’t smell like coconut. The smell doesn’t come through during the soap making process, but I promise you will still love this bar! Whether it’s for your baby or for yourself, it feels great on your skin.


The Clean Seed Fall Favorites

These have just the right amount of cider flavor and spice.

Fall is here! Leaves are changing, it’s getting dark earlier, and everything you can possibly fathom now comes in pumpkin spice flavor. That means it’s also time for comfort food! With the cooler weather and rain here in Portland, I’ve started making soups again after a long hot summer. Our house is decorated with gourds and scary movies (the good […]

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Fall Soap Updates

Better than waking up to an alarm!

Happy Fall everyone! The leaves are changing and so are my soap scents! This week I am making another batch of my pumpkin spice soap, so look for it on my Etsy shop come October. In the meantime I made a few new batches of some soaps that are not super popular on my Etsy store, […]

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Easy Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles


This is our first real summer in Portland since last summer consisted of trips to IKEA, yard sales and busting open windows that were painted shut so we could cool down our 92 degree bedroom. Now that we’re settled in and worked our butts off all Spring picking weeds, we have a pretty bad-ass vegetable […]

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Buffalo Soy Curl Tacos With Homemade Corn Tortillas


I had never even heard of a soy curl until I moved to Portland. I hit up the Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ food cart last summer shortly after we moved here, and got the BBQ Soy curl sandwich. It was life changing to say the least. I immediately bought soy curls at the super cool […]

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Creamy Pasta with Leeks and Lemon

photo 3

If you remember my post from a few months ago, you know that I was growing leeks in my garden this winter. Well, out with the old and in with the new! I pulled all the leeks and planted tomatoes, sugar snap peas and lettuce. But now I have about 30 leeks stored in a […]

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Where’s The Beef? The Vegan Protein Debate


Hands down the most common question and usually the first thing someone asks me when I tell then I am vegan is, “Where do you get your protein?” I really have a hard time answering this, so I usually just say something along the lines of, “Oh you know, beans, tofu, nuts, and whole grains […]

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Light and Creamy Potato Leek Soup

Potatoes and Leeks

It’s officially Spring, which means leeks are in season! And since half of the country is still covered in snow, why not make a creamy potato leek soup to curl up on the couch with? It might ease the pain of hearing Al Roker predict another polar vortex. No promises, though. I love leeks, cousins […]

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Five Ingredients You Should Avoid in Your Soap


People often ask me what’s in my soap, and I’m always happy to answer with a few simple ingredients you can pronounce and know what they are. Oils, lye, water and sometimes essential oil. That’s it. Nothing else should be in your soap or you should take heed. If you can’t pronounce something, or there […]

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